kiko+ and gg*

Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board - Dog


Oekaki means "drawing board" in Japanese. This beautiful magic board from kiko+ and gg*allows you to draw with the magnetic pen, erase and draw again endless times onto a 4 colored background.

Pull the little dog along to erase and use the circle, square or triangle shaped magnets to enhance your drawing skills. 

Recommended age: 3+

Our favorite part of this litle drawing board is that the screens are replaceable so if your little one gets carried away with some markers or crayons, you can order a new screen without having to buy another. 

Why did we do this?

Rest assured, all original screens are made of the highest possible quality.
But, like any other artistic surface, with frequent use the screen can get worn over time.

We hope your little ones will love this toy and we want them to be able to use it for the longest time possible. 

This feature will increase the longevity of this toy in your household. 
So kids can keep on doodling for many years.
And the environment will thank us too.

oekaki screen change

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